What's the Buzz- Bees take hold at a West Omaha Location

Posted by Christine Nelson on Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 04:17 PM



What's All The Buzz?




bee tree before.jpgRecently, one of our clients noticed bees swarming around their yard, eventually settling into one of their trees.  While encountering a swarm can be an understandably alarming experience, stay calm. It is imperative to avoid killing them whenever possible.  Bees are an important part of our ecosystem as they are vital to pollination and food production.  Many species are endangered too. 

Luckily, our client made a great decision and contacted a beekeeper to help remove the swarm.  Here are a few tips if you do encounter a swarm on your property.

Swarms tend to be temporary.  They may just be resting while looking for a more permanent place to stay.
Keep your distance from the swarm.  Do not spray them with chemicals or water and do not throw anything at them.  The bees are not focused on you unless they feel threatened.
Contact a beekeeper.  If you are unable to find one on your own, there are several groups like the Nebraska Beekeepers Association or the Omaha Bee Club that may be able to help.  Many beekeepers will remove the swarm for free.

Bee swarms such as this will not harm your tree.   We appreciate our client sharing this fascinating occurrance with us.  The first photo is the same tree that you will see in the photos and video below.

If you have any questions about your trees, please contact our arborists.

Bee swarm 2.compressed w circle.jpg  Bee swarm 1.comp-910577-edited.jpg

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