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Irrigation Winterization

In the fall, CM’s will winterize your system to protect it. We will backdrain and, using a compressor, blow out the system to reduce the likelihood of any damage over the winter. In addition, we will note any repairs or system changes that need to be made before next season’s operation. 


Sprinkler Winterization Instructions-see diagram below

  1. Close drain shut off valve (A) 
  2. Place bucket under drain valve (B) and open drain valve 
  3. VERY IMPORTANT - Close drain valve(B) 
  4. Wait for CM’s to winterize system 
  5. VERY IMPORTANT - After CM’s winterizes system, place bucket under drain valve (B) and open drain valve – do not forget to do this you might be surprised at the amount of water that drains from the system 
  6. Close Drain Valve 

Diagram of Sprinkler System

Irrigation Turn On

Each spring, CM’s will start up your system, running through the entire system to make sure that all the components are operating correctly. We will check the controller, making an initial setting if you would like us to. We will review the operation of the heads to make sure that they are in working order and adjusted properly. 

Sprinkler Turn on Instructions-see diagram below

  1. Use a regular screwdriver to close the test ports (C). After closing the test ports the screws will be perpendicular to the pipe. 
  2. Make sure that the #1 and #2 valves (D) are open or in the parallel position. 
  3. Go inside house and locate drain valve (B). Make sure it is closed (perpendicular to pipe). 
  4. Slowly open the shut valve (A) to the parallel position 
  5. CM’s can now come out for a complete walkthrough for your sprinkler system.