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Client Resources

Below are various websites and documentation that you may find helpful to you.  


Financing Options

Payment Options
CM's is pleased to offer financing options through Wells Fargo Financial Services



plant health care document
This plant health care document provides the details you need to take care of your newly installed plant material.
This is a great site if you are looking for a particular plant material.  If you find something you like on this site, let your CM's representative know.
CM's works with Watkins Concrete on many of our paver and concrete projects.  If you can't make it to the Watkins facility to look at the possibilities, check out their site and get some great ideas.

bulk landscape goods
This is a list of product currently available for purchase at CM's.

landscape lighting
A quick guide to comparing professional installation to "Big Box" store lighting solutions



Sprinkler Turn On and Winterization Instructions

If you are looking for technical information regarding you irrigation system, check out the following sites:


Snow Removal

Our primary de-icing agent is Ice Slicer. Being of a more natural composition, we typically use a third of what we would normally use with rock salt. Ice Slicer is much more environmentally friendly and less damaging to concrete, turf, and plant material and no clean up is required. As an added bonus, surfaces treated with Ice Slicer are ice free at 0 degrees fahrenheit as opposed to surfaces treated with rock salt which are ice free only to 16-18 degrees fahrenheit.

If you are looking for technichal information regarding the product please check the following sites: