Outdoor Lighting


Expect Excellence

Night or day, we want your outdoor living space to make a dazzling impression. That’s why we offer so many lighting options. We will design the system that
reflects your vision, and then install high quality transformers, lights and accessories to complement your landscape, accent your home, focus attention on specialty trees and shrubs, or LED landscape lightinglight a pathway. 
Outdoor lighting systems can be implemented in a variety of ways:
  • Path Lighting to create patterns of light for navigation along a sidewalk, flagstone path, or driveway
  • Grazing to cast a beautiful light anywhere on houses where the natural surface of masonry materials might be enhanced
  • Tree Lighting which can highlight the beauty of single stem and multi-stem trees as well as the branch structure and flower arrangement
  • Spread Lighting to illuminate landscape beds or underwater to highlight water features
  • Step and Deck Lighting to enhance the beauty and safety without noticing the fixtures

Outdoor Living-Lighting Gallery